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The Delivered Plant May Differ in Size, Color, Number of Flowers, Branches, and Will Come in a Plastic Pot, not The One Shown in The Picture.



PLANT CARE ( Petunia )

Petunias prefer nighttime temperatures between 57 and 65 F. (14-16 C.) and daytime temps between 61 and 75 F. (16 to 18 C.).
Most petunia varieties prefer full sun, meaning at least six hours of direct sunlight on most days.
Petunias prefer a low level of humidity.
Petunias don’t like to be dry for long periods. But they also don’t like to sit in soggy soil, which can rot their roots.



Petunia Keep the soil moist by watering regularly during prolonged dry periods in summer. Plants in containers will need regular, possibly daily watering the aim is to keep the compost evenly moist. But don’t overwater, as too much water will cause the plants to become leggy with few flowers. Feed regularly throughout summer with liquid plant food to ensure a continuous supply of flowers. A high potash liquid plant food will encourage more, better blooms over a long flowering period until the first autumn frosts. Removing faded flowers and any developing seed pods will prolong the display. Straggly plants can be cut back quite hard and then fed with liquid plant food to produce fresh new growth and a profusion of flowers.


An example picture gives a trustworthy image of the plant with good care. The plant in the example picture is not the plant that will be delivered. This is an example, so variations are possible. Eventually the delivered plant may differ in for example size, number of flowers & branches, The Plant Will be in a Plastic Pot Not The One Showed in The Picture.


2cm – 3cm


Pink, Purple, Red


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