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Gardening in the Desert: Plants That Thrive in the UAE’s Summer Heat

Mastering Desert Gardening: Plants That Thrive in the UAE’s Summer Heat Introduction Contrary to popular belief, witnessing the miracle of life blooming in the barren desert isn’t something only seen in Hollywood movies. Thanks to the wonders of nature coupled with an astute understanding of botany, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has nurtured green havens […]

How To Grow Caladium Plants

How To Grow Caladium Plants: Tips and Tricks Caladium plants are known for their vibrant and colorful foliage, making them a popular choice for indoor and outdoor gardens. However, growing caladium plants in the UAE can be challenging due to the region’s hot and arid climate. For all your questions on how to grow caladium […]

12 Indoor Cactus Types

12 Indoor Cactus Types    Cacti are amongst the most popular choices for a houseplant or indoor plant collection. Ideal for beginners or nervous plant carers, these are pleasingly easy to care for plants. Hardy and long-lasting, in the right environment, many indoor cactus types tolerate a little neglect such as a sparse watering routine. […]

How indoor plant can be good for our health?

How indoor plants can be good for our health? BUY NOW Indoor air pollution resulting from biological and chemical contaminants can make us sick. Many indoor plants help you breathe easier by absorbing harmful toxins like carbon dioxide, benzene, and formaldehyde. The smooth, broad leaves of many indoor plants can also help capture dust. A […]

What is the famous plant in UAE?

Bougainvillaea BUY NOW What is the famous plant in UAE? What is the famous plant in UAE? The bougainvillea is one of the UAE’s most popular plants – and rightly so. The plant tends to have few if any, pest problems, and because of its varied and bright hues, it makes a welcome addition to […]

Best Indoor Plants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill

Maybe you just spent hours on google or have been wanting to want to create a more relaxing bedroom to retreat to at the end of your day. Whatever your reason, adding more green, luscious leaves to your home can be a great way to freshen up your place and create a calming environment. Of […]

Climate Change Affect Palm Trees

What is Climate Change? Climate change is a broad term used to refer to changes in the Earth’s climates, at local, regional, or global scales, and can also refer to the effects of these changes. In recent decades, the term ‘climate change’ is most often used to describe changes in the Earth’s climate driven primarily […]

Tillandsia | Air Plant

PLANT CARE ( Tillandsia ) BUY NOW   The optimum temperature range for Tillandsias is 50 – 90 degrees F.   Bright filtered light is the general rule, and the higher the humidity of the air the higher light will be tolerated.   Moderate humidity not less than 60%.   Water in summer abundantly with […]

Oxalis Triangularis | Love Plant | Purple Shamrock

PLANT CARE ( Oxalis Triangularis | Love Plant | Purple Shamrock ) BUY NOW   Preferably about 64,4-68 ° F in summer, in winter – not below 44,6 ° F.   You can grow on the east or west window, but the plant needs some direct sunlight, preferably in the morning.   Average humidity. At low […]

Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai

PLANT CARE ( Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai ) BUY NOW    About 10°C or 50°F during the Winter    Keep your plant in an area with plenty of sunlight.    This plant needs humidity in order to keep its soil moist.    Water generously whenever the soil gets slightly dry. ADDITIONAL CARE The Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai tree […]

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