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DuraSop NPK Fertilizer

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About Product ( DuraSop NPK Fertilizer )

DuraSop NPK Fertilizer is made from nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and is supported by micronutrients. Fertilizers are used in situations where plant growth is needed. The high nitrogen content of this NPK promotes growth as well as helps the plant in bad conditions. NPK solvent NPK gem is composted using a trickle or manual water system. Also best for arranged progress during the growth phase. Under difficult conditions, the item has high balance rates when consumed with the roots.

DuraSop NPK Fertilizer variety helps to make roots more healthy and increases flowers in an essential plant with great leaves. Helps make foliage green and promotes the creation of more natural products it is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor plants. To be used during difficult times and in areas of strength for the creation of high-quality Granular organic manure containing Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. However, keep the manure in separate opened pots and store it for long periods of time. Moreover, after manure removal, release open holders firmly and store them in a dry location.

Advantages of DuraSop NPK Fertilizer

  • Enhanced usage of nutrient supplements.
  • Misfortunes are reduced during washing, dissipation, and supplement retrogradation.
  • Enhanced substitute take-up limit, enhanced root growth and take-up properties
  • Sulfur, magnesium, calcium, and other minor components are available in compost.
  • Improves the number and variety of harvests.
Product Details
Product Size: 25 Litre
Imported From: Spain

25 Litre


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