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Clay Pebbles Hydro | Hydro Single Hydroponic Substrate | Expanded Clay Pebbles

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About Product ( Clay Pebbles Hydro | Hydro Single Hydroponic Substrate | Expanded Clay Pebbles )

Clay balls that have been expanded into pebbles are called Clay Pebbles Hydro. Clay is squeezed into tiny pellets and heated in a furnace at 1200°C. As a result of this process, the clay ball expands and generates tiny air bubbles all over it. Because of these characteristics, hydroton is a dynamic growing medium and a great hydroponic substrate. They are also highly well enough for aquaponics because they may be used to filter water and serve as a home for good bacteria. Although Hydro Single Hydroponic Substrate comes in a wide range of sizes, the grape-sized pebble is the most common.

Product Description

Clay Pebbles Hydro is round-shaped pebbles of expanded clay. They have a rough, porous outer layer that gives them a large surface area and helps them to hold a lot of water. Because they are hard, they do not compact down. As a result, there are air holes between each pebble, which provide plenty of oxygen to the roots. In order to prevent water loss, these spaces allow Hydro Clay Pebbles to drain almost fully and freely. Expanded Clay Pebbles can also be used to upper edge pots containing different grow media to prevent water evaporation or added to soils, coco, and soilless mixes to improve drainage.


  • They increase ventilation and water drainage by creating small air spaces all over the clay ball. In addition to allowing the plant to absorb more oxygen, this avoids the roots from resting in water, which can lead to root rot.
  • Expanded clay can be recycled frequently. After use, just give them a quick wash with fresh water to get them ready for the next time!
  • They help in maintaining the pH balance of your substrate or growing material. Plants benefit from this because it makes it easier for them to absorb nutrients.
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