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Gardeners Potting Soil | Potting Soil


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About Product ( Gardeners Potting Soil | Potting Soil )

Gardeners Potting Soil | Potting Soil Mix is been specially created for indoor and outdoor container plants. This potting mix contains nitrogen, phosphate, and soluble potash to help in the growth of larger plants with more flowers, and it feeds for up to half the year. If your plants become rootbound, their leaves yellow or wilt, or the surface of the potting mix becomes crusty or slimy, you should repot them. Gardeners Indoor and Outdoor Potting Mix will fill 1 feet planter or two 1 feet hanging baskets with one bag. Gardener’s Potting soil is ideal for repotting indoor plants, filling outdoor containers for your garden, or balcony, and transplanting houseplants. Gardener’s Potting mix will help you grow beautiful plants with more flowers.

Gardeners Potting Soil Description

This effective and adaptive potting mix, which is ideal for a number of planters, such as hanging baskets and big pots, gives your plants a significant advantage. Plants are kept fresh and less affected by drought when peat and moisture-retentive coir are combined. Additionally, these blends are designed to keep the soil from becoming too compacted, which can harm roots and block the flow of water and nutrients. A Gardeners Potting Mix will be lighter in weight, and able to keep moisture.


  • Gardener’s Potting mix is perfect for planting both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • A gardener’s Potting mix helps plants to grow bigger with more flowers.
  • This potting mix can feed plants up to half of the year.
  • Gardener’s Potting mix is suitable for herbs, flowers, and vegetables.
  • Fill the container with gardening soil.
  • Absorb your plant’s water first, then plant in the red.
  • Fill the pot to 2cm from the top with fertilised soil.
  • Gently press the soil down.
  • Provide plenty of water to your plant.
Product Details
Product Size: 50 Liter



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