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Potting Soil | Terrreau Substrate


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About Product ( Potting Soil | Terrreau Substrate )

Potting Soil | Terrreau Substrate, often known as potting mix, is made up of several components that promote the growth of potted plants. However, these mixtures are designed to keep the soil from becoming highly compacted, which can kill roots and limit water and nutrient flow. A good potting mix will be lighter in weight and fluffy, with the ability to keep moisture. There are different potting soil blends available, as well as more specialised mixtures.

Product Description

Your plants are keen to show off. With Potting Soil or Terrreau Substrate, you can give indoor and outdoor pot plants the nutrients they need to grow bigger and more beautiful. Additionally, for flowers and colours, use our specially prepared mix feeds for up to 6 months. Use with container plants both indoors and out. Moreover, the key to attractive, productive container flowers, vegetables, and plants is potting mix. Its duty is to give stability and support to the roots, as well as proper drainage, ventilation, and nutrients for growing plants. It is ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor potted plants.

Terrreau Substrate maintains your plants for many months. Start each outdoor season off properly with new potting soil. Repot all plants with potting soil to prevent soil degradation and provide enough nutrients to plants.

Advantages of Potting Soil

  • They keep moisture and nutrients around the roots of your plants.
  • They provide enough air for root growth.
  • They provide stability to your plant’s roots.
Product Details
Product Size: 50 Litre

Imported From: Holland



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