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Poly Fiber Pots


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Fiber Poly Pot

Poly Fiber Pots is a superior quality item. You can decorate it with flowers and green plants inside your home, nursery, balcony, and any place to add a bit of nature around you. Fiber Pots are produced using raw or recycled materials and are biodegradable. They further develop air circulation by advancing air dissemination around the plant roots while deterring plants from becoming root-bound. Fiber pots protect the roots and safeguard them during extreme temperature changes. They also protect against rot by drawing water excessively.

Fiber polypots are perfect for growing plants in both inside and outside spaces as they are the most environmentally friendly plant containers. Our Poly Fiber Pots are planned and organized for strength and solidness. We offer pots in multiple dimensions, which are ideally suited for mono or multi-shaded plantings.

Advantages of Fiber Poly Pots

  • Lightweight contrasted with substantial pots.
  • Reasonable for indoor and outside use.
  • Solid, weatherproof, and sturdy.
  • Less expensive than genuine stone.
  • Low maintenance.
  • UV and Weather Resistant.
  • Durability in design and construction.

Available Size

  • 12.5cm L x 12.5cm W x 7cm H
  • 16cm L x 16cm W x 7cm H
  • 19.5cm L x 19.5cm W x 8cm H


An example photo gives a reliable picture of a pot with good maintenance. This is an example, so variations are possible. Finally, the delivered pot may vary in color shade, and size. The actual item may vary from the image shown here due to increased image quality.


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