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Pokon Potting Soil


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About Product ( Pokon Potting Soil )

Pokon Potting Soil blend is an excellent growing material for your plants. A great mixture of natural compounds helps to stimulate healthy plant growth. This mixture also contains enough plant nutrients to last for more than about 2 months. The fertilized soil contains only high-quality natural substances, such as peat litter, garden peat, lime, and wood fiber, which have excellent water retention properties and allow your plants to help eliminate supplements from it.

Pokon Potting Soil Description

Give your plants a comparative advantage with this powerful and flexible potting soil, which is suitable for various types of planters, which would include hanging baskets and large pots. A mixture of peat and moisture-retaining coir eases drought stress and keeps plants hydrated. Moreover, these mixtures are designed to keep the soil from becoming highly compacted, which can kill roots and limit water and nutrient flow. A good potting mix will be lighter in weight and fluffy, with the ability to keep moisture.


  • Fill the pot with a layer of hydro granules (20-25%).
  • Fill the container with gardening soil.
  • Absorb your plant’s water first, then plant in the red.
  • Fill the pot to 2cm from the top with fertilized soil.
  • Gently press the soil down.
  • Provide plenty of water to your plant.

Product Details

Product Size: 40 Litre

Imported From: Holland

40 Litre


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