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Dracaena Compacta | Dragon Tree

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The Delivered Plant May Differ in Size, Color, Number of Flowers, Branches, and Will Come in a Plastic Pot, not The One Shown in The Picture.

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PLANT CARE ( Dracaena Compacta | Dragon Tree )

Average household temperatures are between 16 and 24 °C, but they can cope with as low as 12°C for short periods.
Dracaena compacta, or Dragon Tree, likes bright, indirect light. It will tolerate some light shade.
Increase humidity levels via a pebble tray and mist regularly, especially if the heating is on.
Typically, watering every 10–14 days will keep the soil at a nice, even level of moisture.


Upon receiving your Dracaena Compacta | Dragon Tree plant, it is important to consider its watering needs. It is recommended to check the moisture level in the soil before watering your plant. This will ensure that the soil isn’t moist right under the surface. Additionally, it is advised to aerate the soil of your plant before the initial watering. Dracaena trees thrive in soil that is allowed to dry between waterings but not completely through the pot.

For optimal growth, water the plant every 10 to 14 days to keep the soil consistently moist. To promote even growth on all sides of the Dracaena compacta (Dragon Tree) plant, it is essential to rotate it periodically. Dusting the leaves is also crucial for efficient photosynthesis. When dusting the leaves, take the opportunity to inspect the bottoms of the leaves for any signs of pests. This will ensure that your plant remains healthy and vibrant.


The image provided is an example of a healthy plant that has been well cared for, but it may not be the exact plant that you receive. Please note that there may be variations in size, number of flowers, and branches. Additionally, the plant will arrive in a plastic pot, not the one shown in the picture.


130cm – 150cm, 25cm – 30cm, 80cm – 90cm, 50cm – 60cm


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