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Crassula Marnieriana | Worm Plant | Jade Necklace

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The Delivered Plant May Differ in Size, Color, Number of Flowers, Branches, and Will Come in a Plastic Pot, not The One Shown in The Picture.



PLANT CARE ( Crassula Marnieriana | Worm Plant | Jade Necklace )

Try to keep the temperature above 10°C (50°F).
A bright, east- or west-facing window that provides some morning or evening sunlight is perfect for this succulent.
The average room humidity is about 40% relative humidity.
Water the plant generously, then leave it until the soil becomes dry. Avoid leaving a jade necklace vine sitting in pooled water.


Crassula Marnieriana | Worm Plant | Jade Necklace prefer sunny locations, but they can tend to burn in the scorching sun’s rays. Jade necklace is resistant to drought and all but the coldest weather, so it makes a perfect patio plant for most regions. If freezes threaten, bring your plant indoors. The best soil is a well-drained mixture of sand or grit with peat and vermiculite or perlite. Choose a pot that evaporates excess moisture since wet roots and stems can spell a death sentence for Crassula. In summer, water the plant deeply every week, and in winter, water only once every 3 weeks.

During the growing season, use a fertilizer formulated for succulents to promote health. Transplant the plant only when it outgrows its pot. Crassula Marnieriana | Worm Plant | Jade Necklace is very tolerant of crowded conditions and can be very happy in its container for many years. Watch for mealybugs or scales and treat the plant with good horticultural soap. Crassula plants need good air circulation to prevent mildew issues, but other than that, these are some of the hardest and easiest plants to grow. Add one to your collection for easy-care beauty and interest.


An example picture gives a trustworthy image of the plant with good care. The plant in the example picture is not the plant that will be delivered. This is an example, so variations are possible. Eventually, the delivered plant may differ in, for example, size, number of flowers, and number of branches. The plant will be in a plastic pot, not the one shown in the picture.


15cm – 20cm, 8cm – 12cm


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