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Colocasia Overig

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The Delivered Plant May Differ in Size, Color, Number of Flowers, Branches, and Will Come in a Plastic Pot, not The One Shown in The Picture.



PLANT CARE ( Colocasia Overig )
   Regular room temperatures are fine and the plant is able to tolerate temps into the 60° degree Fahrenheit range.
   By providing a light partial shade but still strong light, elephant ear plants can grow massive.
   High humidity levels are a must. Stand on a wet pebble tray to improve humidity and mist frequently.
   To prevent disease problems, water in the morning so they go into the night dry. If possible, water from below at the root zone rather than from above, to keep water off the leaves.


When growing Colocasia Overig inside, be sure to choose a fairly large container to put the plant in. Colocasia can attain a good size, so you will want to be prepared. Choose a site to situate the indoor elephant ear plant that is in indirect sunlight. Colocasia can tolerate direct sun, but it will tend to sunburn although it may acclimate after a time; it will really do much better in indirect sun. A fertilization regime every two weeks with a 50 percent diluted 20-10-10 food is an integral part of houseplant care of Colocasia. You may discontinue the fertilization during the winter months to allow the Colocasia to rest. Also, cut back on watering during this time and allow the soil to dry out slightly. Pots with tubers may be stored in the basement or garage with temps between 45 and 60 degrees F  (7C – 13C.) until the spring growing season and once temperatures have warmed. At that time, propagation via tuber root division may occur. The flowering of the indoor elephant plant is rare, although when grown outdoors, the plant may bear a small green sheathed yellow-green cone of flowers.


An example picture gives a trustworthy image of the plant with good care. The plant in the example picture is not the plant that will be delivered. This is an example, so variations are possible. Eventually, the delivered plant may differ in for example size, the number of flowers & branches, The Plant Will be in a Plastic Pot Not The One Shown in The Picture.


60cm – 70cm


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