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Calathea Freddie


The Delivered Plant May Differ in Size, Color, Number of Flowers, Branches, and Will Come in a Plastic Pot, not The One Shown in The Picture.

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PLANT CARE ( Calathea Freddie )
Calathea Freddie enjoys temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees.
Calathea Freddie needs indirect light that is mild to bright. Direct sunlight burns the leaves and fades the attractive leaf colors.
Prefers moderate humidity values of 75% or higher.
Water your Calathea when the top 25% of the soil is dry. Fill the pot with water until liquid runs through the drainage hole at the bottom.

If you find a burnt tip or edge on your Calathea Freddie, frequently with a yellowish tint, it might be caused by your tap water. Use distilled water, or rainfall, or let your tap water stand overnight before watering to let the chlorine and fluoride dissipate. To maintain your plant healthy and thriving, remove any yellow leaves. Instead of using shine agents on the leaves, wipe them with a wet towel on a regular basis.

The plant may happily grow in the specified planter for up to a year. Check if the plant is ready to be repotted by feeling the soil and observing if it has become loose, or if the roots have become overgrown. Repot using a high-quality potting mix. To improve drainage, add a large amount of sand. Follow our instructions when the plant is ready to repot.

A fully liquid fertilizer diluted to half-strength is an excellent choice. When re-potting, you can also add worm dung or slow-release organic compost to the soil. Calathea Freddie will benefit from being fertilized every two weeks during the growing season until they stop actively growing new leaves.


An example picture gives a trustworthy image of the plant with good care. The plant in the example picture is not the real plant to deliver. This is an example, so variations are possible. Eventually, the delivered plant may differ in for example size, the number of flowers & branches, The Plant Will be in a Plastic Pot Not The One Shown In The Picture.


30cm – 40cm


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