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Big Tomato Seeds


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SEED CARE ( Big Tomato Seeds )
Big Tomato Seeds grow well in a warm room temperature between 70-75°F.
Big Tomatoes like to grow under the light. Lack of sunlight may result in weak plants.
Relative humidity of 65% to 85% is needed for healthy tomato plant growth.
To reduce air gaps in the soil, water newly planted seeds or seedlings. Watering your tomato plants carefully is important for tomato growth.

Big Tomatoes are more than a healthy veggie. Growing them is like a rite of passage for both dedicated and leisure gardeners. Perhaps you want to get a good start on the growing season. Planting Big Tomatoes from seed is the best method to enjoy this fruit. Growing tomatoes from seed rather than starting plants provide more variation. This provides you with more control and, in most cases, results in a healthy product. You can plant Big Tomato Seeds in any small container, such as a yoghurt cup, egg carton, or seed planter tray, as long as it has proper drainage holes. Fill your pots partially with potting mix, then add water until the mixture is the consistency of and allows a greater sponge. Plant seeds about 1 inch deep and lightly push the soil to ensure the seeds have proper contact with the earth.

Remember to water often to protect the soil from drying out. Tomatoes adore water, and one of the leading causes of tomato plant loss is a lack of water. You’ll be shocked at how well your plants respond to plant food, so feed them on a regular basis as well. Moreover, trim the branches that grow near or on the ground to prevent disease. It’s time to start fertilising when the second set of real leaves develops. Apply a water-soluble fertiliser at half the recommended rate once or twice a week.

If your tomatoes exceed their pots before it’s time to plant them outside, they may need to be shifted to large containers. However, allowing the plant to become pot-bound, with the roots filling the container, may cause slow growth. Wait till the normal spring frost date before planting tomato seedlings in the garden. If there is a threat of late frost, protect the plants with a garden cloth or row covers. If everything goes as planned, you’ll be collecting ripe tomatoes in eight weeks or less.




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